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Fundraising Appeal: VIN (Volunteers Initiative Nepal) NEPAl

We currently live in a strange and different world then we did before and many things changed. In the Netherlands we have difficult times and each person experiences it in a different way but also in Nepal has difficult times. Nepal has a special place in my heart because in 2019 I was volunteering with Vin in the women’s empowerment project. It was such a wonderful and life changing experience for me and you can read my story here: I stayed in a lovely host family in the mountains and I met lots of other wonderful international volunteers. I also met many locals who had so little but gave so much to me. They taught me to look at my life in another way, and that made me feel so fulfilled. I also got to know Vin as a whole, and it is a wonderful organisation with a very inspiring founder Bhupendra Ghimire.

Vin is a not-for-profit NGO based in Kathmandu, working in rural communities of Nepal and it was founded in 2005. Their mission is to empower marginalized communities through equitable, inclusive and holistic developments programs. There are lots of volunteering opportunities to get involved and please check out their website: I have personally experienced just how dedicated their staff members are and how much the organisation values the efforts and contributions of local and international volunteers. Together, volunteers and staff members alike, they do wonderful worDifficult times for Vin

Now it is a very difficult time for Vin because the organisation relies on international volunteers for income generation. Obviously this has come to a stop due to Covid-19. To help the organisation survive, they made a difficult decision to let some of the staff members go and others being placed on unpaid leave until further notice. As a developing country, there is also no help from the government for staff or organisations. Vin is a local organisation and not affiliated with international charities who might get funding from partners such as WHO or the UN. That is why Vin really needs funding support to survive. The biggest concern for Vin right now is to be able to pay the staff and to be able to pay the mortgage of the Vin head office, which also also operates as a hostel for volunteers.

As you can see, I’m really passionate about Vin. This experience has changed my life and I want to help them now by fundraising for them.

This is not your usual ask for donations. This is a “give and get” fundraiser!

Here are the offers available?

§ 1 hour Lifestyle Coach Session 40 Euros (total amount goes to Vin):

You will get a lifestyle coach session for 1 hour by me by phone or video phoning. Available in Dutch and English. I will only do this with persons I do not know myself. A colleague of me will offer this service with persons I do know myself.

§ Vegan Pie Available only in Nijmegen or close to Nijmegen (Netherlands). 20 euros (70 % goes to Vin rest for materials):

You will get a homemade delicious vegan pie (8 pieces).

§ Nepalese coffee 18 Euros (60 % goes to Vin, 40 % sending costs en materials):

You will receive some lovely Nepalese coffee and you will also support local Nepalese farmers. (

§ Audio Meditation 10 euro (total amount goes to vin):

You will get a special audio mediation made by me. To relax in stress full times.

To donate please check my website:

Any questions? of (+31) (0) 6 10366641

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